AppDirect Partner Summit

AppDirect is the leading commerce platform for selling cloud services and their four-day conference, Partner Summit, is the premier event in that industry. Entering its third year, Partner Summit featured engaging executive and guest speakers, panelists, workshops, and networking opportunities.

Partner Summit 2015 took place during San Francisco's famous Fleet Week, a city-wide celebration of America’s Armed Forces. Identifying shared themes we drew inspiration from the air shows that demonstrate an intensity, speed and technical skill-set we embody, while working together and moving in parallel. These positive connotations, along with the natural cloud association, are best represented by the planes’ vapor trails. This iconic imagery formed the basis for the Partner Summit identity and all the design deliverables.

In preparation for this event Carolyn Cuykendall and I designed the identity, website, environmental graphics, print and marketing collateral, presentation materials, and physical gifts required to promote and support the conference.


Created at AppDirect DSGN HAUS
Designed with Carolyn Cuykendall and the DSGN HAUS Team